House parties are not dead – Interview with Footnotes

We caught up with Aodhagán Hendry, founding member of Footnotes and house party host at Ninety One Living Room (Next event 15th of December).

We discuss the inspiration behind the night and how their choice of music coupled with Ninety One’s living room feel creates the perfect house party.

Read on and don’t forget to check out their playlist at the end of the article.

Who and what is Footnotes?

Footnotes is a four-piece collective based between London and Cork, focused on building a dance party that can celebrate good times in an inclusive environment. The collective is made up of myself, based here in London, and Evan Boyle, Darragh Pheasey and Paddy Dalton, all based in Cork. We’ve always been involved with various music-related projects and with this we just wanted to bring people together, have our own brand and share music. It’s been a lot of work but we’re having a lot of fun.


Footnotes Member

What sort of genres can we expect to hear? What are your music references?

We take influence from almost every genre and love a jazz / disco base, which we believe is the source of all good dance floor music. I’d describe the atmosphere at our nights in two words – ‘disco house’. We love to explore sounds which we hold close to our hearts, and we all share a deep love of hip hop, reggae and soul which will always be a part of the soundtrack. In short, all the DJs / collectives that I invite revolve around this spirit. The only genre we really stray from is techno as we feel that the scene is already well represented in the area today.

How did you stumble across Ninety One?

I was passing one Sunday morning in April and was curious so decided to stop in for a coffee. By the end of the day, I had an inquiry sent. I’ve always had a great interest in venues in general and take notice of my surroundings whenever I attend an event – be it in a café, a restaurant, a bar or a club. I could not believe it when I first walked in, a beautiful unknown space right on my doorstep. When the opportunity came up, I took it and ran. I’m super grateful to still be here six months later.


What was it that drew you to doing a night at Ninety One?

The layout and design alone set Ninety One apart for me. It felt natural – an open plan space with a living room feel. Its location, sound system and friendliness are unrivalled. I’ve been going out and throwing parties for years, but on moving to London, besides from a handful of nights and venues in the area, I never really found somewhere that I really loved or felt a sense of community like Ninety One.

When I first arrived in London, I was just getting to know a few people in the area. I stumbled upon Mark Bickmore’s ‘Midnight Sessions’ party at Tipsy in Dalston. I had a great time at it, admired the party and the music being played. We got chatting and I told him if I ever get something going, I’d give him a shout. A year or so later and he’s been instrumental to the night. At the time, Ninety One was relatively unknown and so I’ve enjoyed being a part of the project from the beginning and contributing to its development.

What can someone expect from coming to Footnotes at Ninety One?

To put simply, great music in a fun, intimate space with a heavy sound system. I wouldn’t define Ninety One as a club, bar or restaurant because each one of those things feels limiting. It is warm and inviting – like a home. Footnotes compliments this with an emphasis on sound and lighting, which is controlled and developed as the night progresses. Our added visuals are a subtle touch too. The crowd tends to include a solid mixture of locals and visitors to Brick Lane. There is no selection process at the entrance. Everyone is welcome to drink, enjoy the music and party with us.

What are the Footnotes crew listening to this week?

For a while last year, we would contribute four tracks each to a weekly playlist of whatever we had been enjoying, initially for selfish purposes and then to whoever else cared to listen. We’d swap over who curates each week and post to Spotify as the weekend commences.

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